World Wind & Solar (WWS) Delivering Blade and Composite Repair Service Capabilities

As part of its long-term growth strategy, World Wind & Solar (WWS) announces a new capability to provide Blade and Composite Repair services to customers that own and operate wind power assets.

TEHACHAPI, CA, FEB. 2, 2021 - As part of its long-term growth strategy, World Wind & Solar (WWS), a Pearce Services Company and a leader in repair and maintenance services for commercial and utility-scale renewable Wind, Solar, and Energy Storage System (ESS) assets, announces a new capability to provide Blade and Composite Repair services to customers that own and operate wind power assets.

Regarding WWS Blade and Composite Repair services, Vice President of Wind Services Scott Bryan, said, "World Wind & Solar has a great reputation for quality, safety, and services. Following our acquisition by Pearce Services, we enhanced our focus and investments into broadening the specialized services we provide for our customers. Having a team of technicians and field service engineers solely focused on Blade and Composite Repairs means that WWS is truly a one-stop shop for any and all services required on a wind or solar farm."

WWS is now offering these new services across the nation:

- Full Blade and Composite Repair services, including blade inspection, leading edge repair/upgrade, vortex generator installation, lightning strike repair, and major structural repair.

- Field Service Engineering support for specialized composite repairs and blade inspections.

- Specialized lifts to enable safe, effective, and efficient repairs.

- A team of highly trained, elite technicians with 10+ years of industry experience.

- Full composites supply chain and inventory management capabilities from our 32,000 sq. ft. warehouse located just outside of Chicago, IL.

In March of 2020, WWS was acquired by Pearce Services which reinforced its mission as an independent service provider for critical infrastructure in the renewable energy industry. The leader of the renewables division for Pearce Services, Mark McLanahan commented, "The growth of our team at WWS and our industry has been extraordinary this year. Our integration with Pearce Services and the alignment in our mission to safely service our customers has made our platform stronger than ever and well-positioned to meet our customers' expanding needs with these new technical capabilities."

Each year WWS has met the rapid growth of the industry by enhancing its service capabilities and growing its team. With over 500 technicians now working in the field, WWS works tirelessly to serve our OEM, owner, and operator customers with an elite workforce. These new wind technical services are a natural evolution in the company's ability to serve a diverse set of customers and extend the career path for its professionals. Furthermore, our in-house technical training programs have been developed to ensure our technicians safety, while efficiently and expertly delivering results in the field.

About World Wind and Solar (WWS)
World Wind & Solar (WWS) is the nation's number one Independent Service Provider (ISP) and has been supporting renewable assets since 2007. WWS offers a comprehensive list of services across all phases of a project's lifecycle including construction, commissioning, operations, including re-power or decommissioning. Project owners, OEMs, O&M providers, and EPC companies use WWS to operate, maintain, and repair their critical assets. When you need quality scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, large corrective repairs or exchanges, blade repairs, inverter services, PV optimization, or any other specialty solution WWS should be your first call. For more information, please visit

About Pearce Services
Pearce Services is a leading national provider of operations, maintenance, and engineering services for mission-critical infrastructure. Pearce offers innovative, tech-enabled services across its four brands: Pearce Services, Pearce Renewables, MaxGen Energy Services, and World Wind & Solar. We safely serve our telecom, renewable energy, electric vehicle (EV), and energy storage system infrastructure customers around-the-clock. With nationwide coverage, we can deploy our highly trained technicians quickly and efficiently to provide you with unmatched response times, quality, and consistent service for your distributed mission-critical assets. Our engineering and support teams use sophisticated software, analytics, and detailed safety plans to support our technical experts in the field. Our constant innovation and close collaboration with our customers are a hallmark of our service. To learn more about Pearce Services, visit

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